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What is Footgolf?  Footgolf is a new recreation sport that looks and plays like a combination of soccer and golf.  Footgolf is also referred to as soccergolf, foot golf, soccer golf, and footballgolf. 

How do you play Footgolf?  A #5 size regulation soccer ball is used to play footgolf.  The footgolf game is played on a golf course with a shorter hole layout and oversized cups measuring 21 inches in diameter.  The objective is to kick the ball into each hole in the fewest shots.  Footgolf rules are very similar to golf. 

Footgolf is fast and fun.  It takes just 2 hours to play the 18-hole footgolf course.  Footgolf player equipment is minimal and inexpensive.  Footgolf is easy to play and can be enjoyed by players who range from beginners to advanced footgolfers. 

The footgolf game provides a fun campus recreation activity, competitive sports events with organized leagues, tournaments, and championship events. 

Who is the NCFGA?  The National College Footgolf Association is the governing body for college club teams to compete in various footgolf events.  Check with your college student activities office, campus recreation, rec sports, or your club sports office to organize your college footgolf team.  Read our Media Release for the upcoming college club sports season.

Where can you play footgolf games with other club sports teams?  The McDaniel College footgolf course in Westminster Maryland will host numerous college footgolf games for club sports teams throughout the academic year.  Look at the tournament schedule and sign up to play footgolf at the host site of National College Footgolf Championship Events.  



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